Sunday, April 21, 2013

STT: Smart Direction Mode

Smart Direction Mode is a new logic which will rotate the icon based on your scrolling direction.

So if you are scrolling in downward direction then you will see a downward direction arrow, vice versa.


  • If you are scrolling in downward direction then you will get a arrow pointing in downward direction.
  • Similarly if you are scrolling in upward direction then you will get a arrow pointing in upward direction.
For any query leave a comment below.


  1. no point of giving the Smart Direction Mode. maybe thats for me...!!
    btw plz install disqus here..

  2. Smart Direction not useful to me as I generally use SPACEBAR to go down, and keep Scroll To Top around to get back up.

  3. With Auto Hide, would be nice if Scroll To Top unhid upon hitting the SPACEBAR, even if, (and maybe particularly), at the end of a web page.

  4. Hello everyone,

    Maybe you guys can use it for some time and even if then you don't like this feature you can always move back to:

    Visibility: Always Show
    Smart Direction Mode: Off

    If people are not happy with this feature, I'll revert back the default settings in the next update, and give Always Show and Smart Direction as off by default.

    And "badge" yes it does unhide itself once you press SPACEBAR :)

  5. Love your product! Makes my life easier. Thank You!

  6. absolute brill simplicity, and 10 stars if I could


  7. To scroll to the top using Chrome I need just to click a left side. No butons, man11 and it's really 1-lvl easier

  8. Pratic - I just wanted to thank you for this extension. I used "that other one" until they blasted us with ads, malware, and extortion.

    I'll need to use it awhile before I donate, because I loved "that other one" before the last update. Hopefully, you won't stoop so low.

    1. hi Dennis, I'm highly obliged with your comment. The main purpose is definetly not to get donation but to distribute some good work to everyone.. thanks for contributing in that goal. have a nice day.. :)

  9. Wow, after discovering from the comments one needs to click on the yellow bubble at the bottom right, copying scrolled articles works so sweet! (FF, osx10.9). This has been a major challenge for me since I copy info from the web continually to share with others.

    Now, I just need to discover how to send into a selected Evernote Notebook.

    This is definitely worthy of a donation!

    Mahalo and JGD Pratik...A

  10. Hello Great App You Have Here But There Is One Problem !
    If You Put An Sample In The Setting Page So We Can See Where It Will Be And If You Could Put A Drag Option To Move The Button Around ( Only In Setting Page )
    Thanx !

    1. Thank you Amin for you suggestions, let me see if I can provide drag and drop in settings page. As it has a technical limitation.
      For the sample, I do give a link at the bottom at the time you change any setting, but yes I agree there should be sample on settings page itself. Will look into it too..


    2. Can you add a drag option for it? Like, to move it with the mouse cursor the icon in any place you want on the desktop. :)
      I would really appreciate it. Thank you. :))

  11. The Smart Direction Mode makes this Scroll add-on easier and more fun to use. Thanks!

  12. Нихрена не понял.