Sunday, April 21, 2013

STT: How to Fill Domain Names

To clearly identify multiple domains, you must provide urls with the following rules:

  • each domain must be followed by ';' (semicolon).
  • there should not be any space in the domain.
Page url will be match against domain, in the sense domain name will be searched in the page url.


For any query kindly leave a comment below.


  1. So if I wanted to comment out a domain temporarily, I can precede it with what, and not cause an error condition? Very handy extension, been using it for months, and it's the best of the bunch. Maybe an option to add context menu access? For times when you're in dangerous waters, and have so many shields up, the extension can't get through to the page. Just a thought.

  2. Would you please make it possible to add tld-wildcards?

    Some sites use the same domainname but with .cloud et al as cdn, which breaks the site somehow.