Sunday, March 8, 2020

Scroll To Top Version 4.8.1 Released

Changes in Version 4.8.1

  • Handling issues with certain sites where the icon looks scrambled. Eg: instagram. Issue #87.


  1. Hi, I've been using Scroll to Top for some years now on Firefox, but since I had a new Windows install it didn't work anymore. I tried all possible options in Firefox and in Scroll to Top, but no combination responds. Firefox shows a warning that the addon is not preferred. Do you have a suggestion to get it working again?
    Greets, Han

    1. hi @hgesink,
      Did you try restoring the configuration to default?
      You can even uninstall and reinstall this extension.

  2. That worked. I already did a new install but that didn't help. The default settings proved to do the trick. Thanks for your assistance!