Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scroll To Top Review from Safari Users

This post is to accommodate the reviews from Safari users of Scroll To Top, as we all know that there is no direct place where user can put reviews for the extension they are using in the Safari Extension Gallery.
Here you can put your review so that I'll get to know what my Safari users feels about this extension. You can put any kind of feedback positive or negative. Fell free to express and request for any new feature.

Kindly leave a comment below,



  1. Love it except that Fb seems to frequently make it disappear

  2. Great utility for Safari. Well-designed and thought-out.

  3. great tool, unlike many other HELPFULL applications, this one is really usefull, thanks Robert

  4. Thank you . With love from Korea to India

  5. It works great in Safari. Thank you.

  6. thanks for making this great tool.
    i have some idea for new feature...
    - Pager settings: able to change the distance between each jump.
    - auto scroll button: show up along with pager.