Thursday, November 29, 2012

Uploading your own image in Scroll To Top

This blog post will track any queries and questions regarding uploading your own image in Scroll To Top add-on.

See the Step by Step Guide to upload your own image.

If you are still not able to do, kindly leave a reply to this post. It will be resolved :).

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  1. Hello. So I have used Scroll to Top for quite some time and really enjoy it and I had, in the past, uploaded my own image to Base64, got the code, pasted it in scroll to top and everything worked perfectly. I guess there was a recent update of Scroll To Top and my icon disappeared and went back to the original arrow. Now I am uploading the same exact image file to Base64 and I am getting the code, copying it and pasting it just like before but now everytime Scroll To Top comes back with the error "error loading uploaded image" any ideas whats up?